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About Witching Ours

About Witching Ours

vintage or timeless

vintage or timeless

It all started when…

I started getting older. My whole history was a vague set of experiences along the way, to where? Not sure. There is no one certain moment when you clearly see yourself as young, or middle aged or old. That last category keeps getting pushed further and further back.

Maybe my moment of revelation came when someone else saw me as something other than young and ageless. Along with any unpleasant sensations of mortality came the awareness that with age comes knowledge, if we are paying attention.

With years of traveling, working globally and meeting folks of all descriptions I realized that I had a reservoir of useful information to share. Those nights in the south of France when I listened to the grandmother of a friend describe an old wound remedy; the challenging journey I took into remote Japanese mountains where I learned to make the perfect cup of tea; the far remote day in my early childhood, when my own grandmother used sugar water to curl my hair (and attract bees!) - all these moments, not too noticeable in the moment, came back with the profound power of the message each one carried.

Witching Ours finds the treasure trove of arcane knowledge and time-tested products to offer to its customers. Life is enriched when we honor the past, differentiate between the banal and alchemical wonders and practice the ancient art of story-telling to pass wisdom to the next generation.


Why “Witch?”

As long as there has been humanity there has been wisdom passed down through generations, knowledge of the natural world communicated from elder to child. Before the modern era these healers and wise women were respected by the community, but with the rise of patriarchal ideology came the vilification of old women who “knew more than their station should allow,” and so spread the label of “witch” to reduce their shared knowledge into obscurity.

From time to time we will look at historic figures who have been falsely maligned over the centuries: scientists, progressive thinkers, brave souls who challenge the status quo to benefit others. We will try to set the record straight and show how incorporating the study of nature, plants and simple science can enhance our every day lives with healthy benefits and delightful, magical experiences.

Why “Ours?”

No person is an island. Humanity thrives on community and interaction, it is in our nature to be social creatures and exist together within a society. So often in the modern world we think only of ourselves or our own, and indeed modern events desperately seek to divide us into “us” and “them.” But we are us, all of us, and this world is Ours. We must accept the good and the bad within each other and within ourselves and we must surround ourselves with those who will accept it from us.

When we say that we are Witching Ours, it is an active statement. All that it means to be a “witch,” the accumulation and sharing of knowledge and the respect for the Earth we live on and the society we live with, we are performing unto the world. We are together, the world is ours, and we are Witching Ours.