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Enter a World of Beauty and Mystery


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Enter a World of Beauty and Mystery

Regina McIlvain

drab commute.jpg

7 AM Monday Morning: get jolted out of sleep to begin another long week of work at a corporate office, school or a fast food dispenser. If you are lucky, milky shards of sun fight their way through a grimy window and land upon your stark, somehow unfinished, beige-walled room. The bathroom light is harsh by comparison and makes all too clear the under-eye shadows caused more from lack of sleep than any consumable indulgence. A quick wash, a selection from the uniformly drab work clothes, a missed breakfast - or at most, a cup of coffee, and you are off! Maybe you take public transport, a gray vehicle, crowded with defeated commuters, like yourself, hurrying to a place they do not enjoy to spend hours to earn just enough to keep up the rent and necessary expenses. Not much future, but there is little time to think about that. Maybe you drive, a gray vehicle that guzzles gas, sitting in lines of heavy traffic, so many people, isolated from each other in metal boxes on wheels, anxious about possible delays that will eat into your punctuality record at work.

If you life includes a little, growing family, add to all the stress of Monday morning the need to prepare and deposit offspring to their place of care or school. That means even less time to sleep and more time spent in making snacks, clothing checks and all weather gear. There is no time to enjoy the brilliance of childhood or encourage young ones to take stock in the world around them.

Pointless really, as most of us become desensitized to our surroundings proportionate to their grandeur and the view on most commutes is beige concrete, drab strip malls and dark, greasy subways.

There is another world, mystic, fresh and fragrant, legendary, that exists as if in a different dimension all around us at any time. It is the very ground we walk upon each day, but in different times and frames of reference. The deep mystery of Creation has been here far longer than we have, and it will continue long after we are gone. Its power is constant and calls upon us continually; we just need to learn to hear that call.

Google and look at a photo of your neighborhood from a century ago. Chances are there will be open spaces, plant life, people and horses bustling about, or a peaceful landscape of rolling hills and wild flowers. Imagine that same place three hundred years earlier: this is now the realm of imagination. There may be physical dangers that no longer exist but that threatened families as they went about their simpler lives.

Each era has its strengths and weaknesses. Ours may be generally safer, but earlier times enjoyed a richness of life, more vibrant because of its simplicity; more in touch with the Creative Force because there were fewer superficial distractions.

Enter Witching Ours, a world of beauty and mystery, an emporium that ignores the corporate-created facade while it seeks out folkloric medicine and secrets from around the world that have been tested over generations and passed down through oral tradition from one wise elder to the next in line. Those intrepid, curious seekers of knowledge and connection to something greater were often hounded, through the blind ignorance of those who would call them witches. Those without imagination or intelligence tend to label others who engage upon a life of learning, experimentation and careful record keeping as followers of evil. They would rather destroy than open their minds to those gentle medicines that make life as enjoyable in daily rituals of wholesomeness as they are beneficial for a long and contented life.

Because superstitious fears called evening time, when skilled herbalists concocted tinctures, tonics and salves ‘witching hours’ as if these moments contained curses, we call ourselves Witching Ours, a place to share neglected, if not secret, natural knowledge; a place to pass along folkloric wisdom not easily found online, from the elders to the younger generations. As we share formulas and techniques handed down from ancient times, they become Ours. To imagine the vast reservoir of information, gathered by those who appreciated the growing bounty that covers the Earth is to realize the great wealth available to any who seek a life of connection.