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Olfactory therapy without the factory


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Olfactory therapy without the factory

Regina McIlvain

There are effective everyday remedies I would use in France that I would never touch in the US. This saddens me because they are so gentle and effective, but if sold under the category: aromatherapy, they should adhere to strict standards.

Look at the list of ingredients whenever purchasing a product that claims to be pure essential oil. the origin and processing conditions should also be available: something that is very rare.

Even if a product has just a small amount of EO (essential oil) or none at all, it can be labeled ‘aromatherapy’ in this country (the US). In France, EO can be purchased over the counter or prescribed by experts, not necessarily medical doctors. You can use them in the ways often suggested here: diffused in the air, massaged neat or mixed with carrier oils onto the skin, or simple inhaled. In France, certain EO are taken internally. They can be very effective if used properly and, of course, the oil must be absolutely pure without any additives. You put a drop on a cube of sugar, or other method of consumption, and immediately feel the benefits of this concentrated powerhouse.

There have been a few brands that I used in the past in the US, but I do not trust most of them. When I see that a company was sold to a larger concern, my own concern grows.