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Our Body, Our Mind, Our World
We Are Witching Ours

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Welcome to Witching Ours, where we expect every one of our visitors to actively participate in the magic of life. Our formulae form the base of ancient tried-and-true cures, remedies and enhancements that promise to improve health, beauty and feelings of well-being as they teach methods and rituals that bring conscious delight to simple everyday tasks.

Folkloric remedies are just that: they are an alternative choice in regular personal care and not intended to replace any medical treatments.

Labels Matter

Here at Witching Ours, we try to clear away some of the superstitions and prejudice against witches. The name itself has a whole continuum of interpretations from ‘very positive healer and student of natural cures’ to ‘cursed, depraved worshiper of the devil.’ For too long interested parties have forced the second interpretation on whole regions of people, effectively stomping out the gentle practices of honoring Nature while uses her remedies to make life better for everyone.

Just as the label of “witch” is misused by those seeking to corrupt, so too are labels on goods for modern consumption. Words like “all-natural” and “organic” are widely used to imply faith and fidelity in a product, while behind the scenes the legal definitions twist to allow people to evoke an idea that they do not deserve. Here at Witching Ours we are devoted to respecting the original ideal of those words and delivering truly natural products and remedies with heartfelt confidence.